Dennehy Public Relations
Julie Dennehy is an independent practitioner who provides creative and strategic media relations, promotions, community relations and event management services that meet clients’ marketing objectives. She creates award-winning programs for consumer-oriented companies and non-profit organizations, and is proud to represent and learn from some of the world’s largest and best consumer brands.

Whether a national product launch or a grass-roots marketing effort, Dennehy has developed campaigns with attention-getting ideas, major traditional and online media coverage, creative events, word of mouth/”guerrilla” marketing, and other “out of the box” program elements. With a network of small agencies who work together on national accounts, DPR implements full-service public relations programs on time and on budget.

Word of Mouth Marketing Association
(WOMMA) Member

As a member of the national trade organization overseeing the booming area of word-of-mouth marketing, Dennehy is constantly reading, learning, and putting into practice the latest tools and techniques for reaching consumers outside traditional media relations. Knowing that youth and young adults bypass “offline” print and broadcast news for online sites, newsgroups, communities, and social networks, Dennehy is constantly monitoring, participating, and exploring these online areas, understanding them as a viable and vibrant communications channels for her client’s target audiences. For example, to generate buzz for the Bay Colony Dog Show, she started a conversation about dog shows on and established a group of dog lovers on the site. Dennehy generated their interest in attending the event and created a VIP tour for the group. For Rita Water’s Ice, which is conducting a seminar to interest individuals in opening franchises, Dennehy is creating connections on,, and many other online sites to generate attendance.

Regional representation and local contacts
DPR provides New England representation to international and national brands from Blockbuster to XM Satellite Radio, with a unique expertise in global franchise organizations. DPR is responsible for planning and implementing ongoing online and offline media relations campaigns, unique product launches, event sponsorships, community relations programs, marketing partnerships, special events, and media promotions. DPR clients include 7-Eleven, Blockbuster, Cabot Creamery, Jurys Boston Hotel, Cold Stone Creamery, Labatt USA (world’s largest brewer of specialty import beers), Polaroid Commercial ID, the Bay Colony Dog Show, Rita’s Water Ice, and others selected for their uniqueness and newsworthiness.

Strong buzz-building, cause-related focus
DPR also provides a wide variety of word-of-mouth generating, cause-related marketing support to her clients based on her projects with such national companies as CVS/pharmacy, barnes&, Levi’s, local shopping malls and WellsPark Group/New England Development, and many local retailers and restaurants.

Business media expertise
When business news breaks, DPR has secured positive coverage in business media from the Wall Street Journal to the Boston Globe, and has placed thousands of news stories in nearly every media outlet in New England. Business reporters and editors count on DPR to cut through the clutter and refine the message, and respect us for only coming to them when a bona fide news angle exists. Although we cannot guarantee media placements, our track record of long-term clients and award-winning strategic placements speak for themselves.

Event planning, promotions, attendance-generating
experience using online and offline media

With the heart of a public affairs consultant and the eye of an event planner, she has worked on the teams of dozens of major media-focused public health events, and clients keep coming back year after year to continue to garner results in traditional and nontraditional/online placements. Just a few examples include the Mass. Dept. of Public Health’s Osteoporosis Awareness Month event series, ten annual “Dads Make a Difference” Father’s Day celebrations on the Boston Common, the 50th Anniversary of the Framingham Heart Study, and scores of regional media events. Dennehy is also celebrating her 16th year promoting the nonprofit Bay Colony Cluster Dog Show, one of the nation’s largest American Kennel Club events featuring 13,000 dogs, 30,000 visitors, and national and regional media coverage. DPR has also represented major arts festivals as the International Festival, World on Stage, Rolling Rock Town Fair, Three Apples Storytelling Festival, Harvard University’s ARTS FIRST, and more, resulting in an extensive ethnic media database and wonderful contacts in this niche area.